Compounding Lines: March 1997 Edition

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Performance, Economics Benefit Vital Connection

RTP Company joined forces with molder, Cal-Tron Corp. of Bishop, CA, to meet the material requirements for a face panel and an ejector (latch) used on a circuit board. The applications are part of a digital loop carrier system made … Continue reading

Shielding Elastomer Protects Microcell Radios

Ricochet, a division of Metricom, Inc. of Los Gatos, CA, has developed a wireless modem and Internet service for on-the-go professionals using lap-top computers. The Ricochet service allows access to the Internet, E-mail functions, the World Wide Web, Intranets and … Continue reading

Compounding Technology Benefits Critical Sensor

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) sensors are vital to maintaining proper emissions on vehicles. RTP Company and CTS Automotive Products, headquartered in Elkhart, IN, teamed-up to meet two sets of strict material performance requirements. The parts are the housing and the … Continue reading

Easy Installation Key To Door Limit Switch Success

Incorporating innovative features in their openers to make installation easier is nothing new for Chamberlain Group, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of garage door openers. One feature found in their Lift-Master and Chamberlain product lines is a limits adjustment switch. … Continue reading

Compound Keeps RVs, Trailers On The Level

Once parked, finding a level, safe surface to place a vehicle jack can be a challenge. Marv Clark, co-founder of Bearheart Enterprises, Fallon, NV, set out to solve the problem. He designed heavy-duty levelers for use with recreational vehicle, trailer … Continue reading

Compound Vital Step In Golf Cleat Development

"Traditional golf spikes actually punctured the crown of grass plants, weakening them and making them vulnerable to disease," says Mark Moore, developer of the Gripper Golf Cleats. "Turf and other property damage were key to many courses banning the use … Continue reading

Product Design Unites M&A Plastics, RTP Company

“We’ve been RTP Company customers since we started business,” says Willie Morales, Sr., founder of M&A Plastics, Inc. “They gave us the material we needed, when we needed it.” Morales came to the U.S. in 1954 from Mexico. He and … Continue reading

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