Compounding Lines: June 1998 Edition

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Precolored Thermoplastic Serves Clear, Pure Water

Families are increasingly concerned about contaminants in tap water. This concern has created a growing market for water-filtering products. Consumers are gladly spending money on in-home dispensers, faucet filters, and commercially-bottled spring water. Culligan, a traditional leader in water purity … Continue reading

Elastomer Dampens Loads, Controls Static

Manufacturers and shippers around the world rely on the growing family of Mettler-Toledo scales. The new 8270 Series scale, which handles up to 150 pounds, meets stringent international CSA and UL standards for accuracy in weights and measures. Bumper guards … Continue reading

Hatch Covers Protect Valuable Cargo

When ZEFTEK® Inc. set out to create a better rail car hatch cover, they turned to RTP Company. "We saw the need for more durability, thus a better seal," said John Anderson, Manager of Engineering for ZEFTEK®. "Other hatch covers … Continue reading

RTP Company Receives Eaton Corporation Supplier Award

Beaune ISO 9002 Certified Continue reading

Bar Code Scanners Pass The 30-Pound “Frozen Turkey”

Checkers in leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, and mass merchandisers don’t have to twist, turn, or lift items before scanning with the new Magellan SL® 360-degree scanner/scales manufactured by PSC, Inc. That’s because the scanners simultaneously read the bottom and all four … Continue reading

Specialty Compound Takes The Heat In Life-Threatening Environments

Cairns & Brother, Inc., has pioneered firefighter helmet technology since 1836. Their commitment to protecting lives is evident in their Cairns Helmet "systems," where engineered components synergistically work together for unparalleled protection in harsh environments. In the early days, Cairns … Continue reading

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