Compounding Lines: September 1999 Edition

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Laser Marking Tests Conducted In-House on Wide Range of Compounds

Laser markable compounds (LMC’s) are designed to work with state-of-the-art laser technology to produce permanent imprints that are resistant to wear and abrasion. Laser marking is clean, fast, and flexible. Parts with all finishes and shapes can be marked with … Continue reading

Printer Maintenance System Cuts Copy Costs

The new Phaser® 840 Solid Ink Color Printer from Tektronix, Inc., has earned numerous awards as one of today’s premier office color printers. Besides brilliant color at a speed of 10 pages per minute, the printer features low cost per … Continue reading

Painted Latch Bolts Match Popular Door Colors

For years, Wright Products of Rice Lake, Wisconsin, has been manufacturing heavy duty storm and screen door closure mechanisms that are painted to match popular door colors. With the array of colors required, it was difficult to custom color the … Continue reading

Compound Gleams on Bicycle Hand Brake

Professional bicycle teams throughout Europe rely on sturdy, cutting edge hand brake mechanisms from MAVIC S.A. in Saint Trivier sur Moignans, France. Part of the high-tech look comes from a silver grip adjustment lever that shines like metal but is … Continue reading

Shuttleworth Conveyers: Three Compounds Now Specified for Cleanroom Systems

As an international engineering company, Shuttleworth, Inc., produces the finest quality in-process conveyor automation and material handling machinery. With an installed base of more than 10,000 systems in light manufacturing, assembly and packaging, food processing, electronics, and cleanroom environments, Shuttleworth … Continue reading

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