Compounding Lines: September 2000 Edition

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Dispenser Base Strong, Economical

Long Fiber Compound Replaces Welded Stainless Steel Continue reading

Shutter Actuator Survives Extensive Drop Testing

PC/Acrylic Compound Combines Impact Strength and Processing Ease Continue reading

Foundation Vent Prevents Toxic Gas Buildup

ABS Compound Resists Corrosion Continue reading

Printer Base Protects Sensitive Electronics

Stainless Steel Fiber Compound Prevents EMI/RFI Interference Continue reading

Chroma-Shift Visors Play Games With Color

Visors featuring RTP Company’s new Chroma-Shift compounds change color with just a slight movement of the head. The polystyrene visors, produced by Precision Molds and Molding, "shift" color because of a precise combination of pigments and dyes that display geometric … Continue reading

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