Additive Masterbatches for Functional Performance

RTP Company offers highly concentrated and efficient functional additive masterbatches to complement our broad range of color products and specialty compounds.

These masterbatches are modern formulations which maximize additive usage, providing plastics processors optimal functionality at minimum cost of usage, and are available world-wide.

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Anti-Static Masterbatch

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Grade Description Carrier Compatible Resins
ACX 111257 (PDF) 20% Active PP PP
ACX 111268 (PDF) 50% Active PS PS, SAN
ACX 127073 (PDF) 50% Active ABS
ACX 127076 (PDF) 30% Active PP PP

Foaming Agent Masterbatch

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Grade Description Carrier Compatible Resins
FCX 111263 (PDF) Endothermic PE Polyolefins
FCX 27301 (PDF) Exothermic
300-350 °F / 150-175 °C
  PP, PE, POM, PA 11, & PA 12
FCX 27314 (PDF) Exothermic
300-350 °F / 150-175 °C

Glow-in-the-Dark Masterbatch

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Grade Description Carrier Compatible Resins
GCX 111274 (PDF) 45% Phosphorescent PC PC
GCX 111278 (PDF) 50% Phosphorescent PP Polyolefins, TPO
GCX 111279 (PDF) 50% Phosphorescent ABS SAN, ABS

Laser Marking Masterbatch

Our laser marking masterbatches are designed to work with laser technology to produce permanent marks that are resistant to wear and abrasion. Formulated in PE, TPU, TPE, TPV, POM, PA, and PBT base resins, these materials allow for durable, high contrast marks and images to be added via laser processing.

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Antimicrobial Masterbatch

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Grade Description Carrier Compatible Resins
MCX 128104 (PDF) Organic LLDPE PP, PE
MCX 122009 (PDF) 25% Silver-based LDPE PP, PE
MCX 122656 (PDF) 25% Silver-based SAN ABS, SAN, ASA
MCX 120680 (PDF) 25% Silver-based PS PS
MCX 122016 (PDF) 25% Silver-based PC PC
MCX 122670 (PDF) 25% Silver-based PA PA
MCX 125250 (PDF) 25% Silver-based PMMA PMMA
MCX 122677 (PDF) 25% Silver-based TPU TPU

Flame Retardant Masterbatch

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Grade Description Carrier
RTP RCX 111271 Halogenated FR, High Efficiency PP
RTP RCX 127085 Halogenated FR PP,PE
RTP RCX 128106 Halogenated FR PC
RTP RCX 128107 Halogenated FR Polyesters
RTP RCX 132603 Halogenated FR, Outdoor UV PP
RTP RCX 125232 Halogenated FR, High Efficiency PE
RTP RCX 128113 Halogen Free FR Low Smoke & Heat Release PP, PE
RTP RCX 143561 Halogenated FR HIPS, ABS

UV Stabilizer Masterbatch

Ultraviolet (UV) stabilizers extend the useful life of products exposed to the damaging effects of sunlight or other sources of ultraviolet radiation. We use UV inhibitors to protect the material by absorbing harmful wavelengths and/or interfering with the free radical formation of the polymer molecules from UV exposure. These proprietary blends of additives protect and enhance the polymer to provide a cleaner, brighter appearance over traditional stabilizer packages.

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For a PDF version of the above information, view our Additive Masterbatch brochure.

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