Aircraft Assemblies

End-Use Case Study
  • PEEK™ Offers Unique Application Possibilities

Aircraft Assemblies

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK™) is an engineering thermoplastic which exhibits excellent long- and short-term heat resistance. This semicrystalline material also features inherent flame retardancy.

PEEK™ has good resistance to most strong and weak acids, alkalis and organic solvents. PEEK™, designated the RTP 2200 Series, is available as a glass or carbon fiber reinforced compound.


These compounds are an excellent choice for high temperature aerospace, electronic and automotive applications.

For aerospace applications, PEEK™’s superior flame retardancy is mandatory for cabin interior parts (this material meets or exceeds the stringent 1990 FAA standards for OSU testing. PEEK™ achieves a 65/65 rating for rate of heat release). RTP Company PEEK™ compounds are available in ablative versions for aircraft fairings, access panels, and engine nacelles.

Conductive PEEK™ compounds are well-suited for the electronic industry and are the primary component for semiconductor manufacture. These materials dissipate static electricity and provide the excellent chemical and heat resistance required of the application.

RTP Company PEEK™ compounds are excellent for on- and off-road automotive applications since the material is reliable for the life of the vehicle. Automotive applications using PEEK™ include automatic braking system, traction control system, engine and transmission components. Gears, thrust washers, seals, housings and connectors are typical applications. PEEK™ is a frequent choice for off-road heavy equipment bearings, thrust washers, seals and connectors.


For mechanical or structural applications, PEEK™ compounds offer excellent physical properties at room and elevated temperatures. RTP 2207 HF with 40% glass fiber reinforcement has a tensile strength of 28,000 psi and a notched izod impact strength of 2.2 ft. lb./inch. PEEK™ reinforced with 40% glass or carbon fiber has a deflection temperature of 550 degrees F at 264 psi.

RTP 2200 Series lubricated compounds are ideal for heavy-duty mechanical parts used in oil-less conditions. These compounds have very stable wear resistant properties when enhanced with carbon fiber, PTFE and /or other wear resistant additives. For example, RTP 2285 with 15% PTFE has a dynamic coefficient of friction of 0.18 and wear factor of 55. These compounds are used in industrial settings for bushings, bearings or seal rings.

When coupled with PEEK™’s inherent flame retardancy (V0 at .05 in), RTP 2200 Series compounds possess all of the properties needed for a number of demanding aircraft and automotive under-the-hood applications.

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