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Computer-Aided Engineering

Computer-Aided Engineering, or CAE, is an important injection molding plastics tool that has the potential to save companies’ time and cost. RTP Company’s CAE Services Group assists our customers with technical design issues from conception of an idea to final part manufacture for an infinite array of competitive applications.


Our CAE support group can effectively utilize state-of-the-art CAE tools for composite materials in both structural and moldability analysis. We offer product design review and consultation of the following:

  • Design Assistance for Metal to Plastic Conversions
  • Plastic Part Design Assistance
  • Mold Design Assistance
  • Structural Failure Consultation
  • Composite Materials Design Assistance and Education
  • Quick Mechanical Structural Design Review
  • Product Testing Recommendation

Moldflow® Filling Analysis (Fusion? and Midplane)

  • Design plastic parts for ease of manufacturing and identify features that may limit the injection molding cycle
  • Optimize gate size and location
  • Determine and/or relocate weld line locations
  • Estimate molding parameters and investigate alternatives to improve processing
  • Identify undesirable fill patterns that could lead to warpage

Structural Analysis

  • Metal to plastic conversion
  • Structural failure analysis
  • Structural analysis which considers the non-uniform properties of plastic due to fiber orientation
  • Locating gates for best structural product performance
  • Part design assistance for best mechanical performance

Moldflow® Warpage Analysis (Fusion? and Midplane)

  • Compare the effects of various gate locations on part warpage
  • Compare part shape and warpage with various materials
  • Design parts to minimize warpage issues during molding
  • Diagnose and solve warpage problems with current molded parts

Material Data Assistance

RTP Company can provide guidance and material data for customers doing their own CAE Analysis. Customers will benefit from our in-house testing and curve-fitting for standard materials and custom materials. Your custom materials data will be processed with RTP Company’s strict confidentiality procedures.

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