Case Studies: ABS Applications

Connector Hood

Positronic Industries of Springfield, MO and RTP Company teamed-up to meet shielding requirements for a connector hood. Continue reading

Memory Module Remover

Stratos Innovations, Seattle, Washington, specified RTP Company’s PermaStat® 600, a permanent antistatic, nonsloughing ABS for an innovative tool for the electronic industry. Continue reading

Gas Sniffer

An RTP Company stainless steel reinforced ABS compound snuffed out a competitive metal as the best material for a gas monitor application. Continue reading

Foundation Vent

Vents installed in home foundations provide an exit path for radon, a naturally occurring radioactive gas that rises from the ground under a house. Traditional vents fabricated in metal often corrode and become difficult to open or close. Continue reading


Sheaffer, Inc., of Fort Madison, IA, a manufacturer of assorted writing instruments, called on RTP Company to meet multiple material requirements for the new line of Award™ Roller Ball pens. Continue reading

Cosmetic Compacts

The cosmetics industry is tied directly to consumer trends and tastes. When Nina Ricci of Ury, France, develops colorful packaging, they contact Codiplast SNC in Beaune, France for technical assistance. Continue reading


Voice Commander computer microphones, made by Telex Communications, Inc., feature high-resolution, unidirectional sound capabilities. Continue reading

Coffee Grinder Receptacle

RTP Company and Bunn-o-matic of Springfield, Illinois are helping people wake up each morning with the smell of freshly ground coffee. Continue reading

Paper Transport System

The Exit Hopper and Paper Feed Tray are parts used in the paper transport system of Kodak Imagelink Information Capture Products. Continue reading

Heart Monitor

A remote heart monitoring device manufactured by Marquette Electronics of Milwaukee, Wis., gives hospital patients freedom of movement. Continue reading

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