Compounding Lines: September 1996 Edition

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EMI/RFI Compound Protects Connectors

Positronic Industries of Springfield, MO and RTP Company teamed-up to meet shielding requirements for a connector hood. The hood and related components are used in conjunction with Subminiature-D connectors to shield against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). … Continue reading

High Temp, Structural Compounds Vital In Printer

The Tektronix® Phaser® 350 color printer presents numerous material demands. Two primary requirements are high heat resistance and structural integrity. However, critical color matching, conductivity and flame retardance are equally important for certain components. RTP Company worked closely with Tektronix … Continue reading

Tool Requires Autoclavable, Precolored Material

When human heart valves malfunction, there are various procedures which can alleviate the problem. For many cases of valve dysfunction, the surgeon may be able to repair the original valve instead of replacing it. Repair is often advantageous for the … Continue reading

Processing Update: On-Site Moisture Analysis Critical

Recent issues of Compounding Lines have addressed various aspects of moisture and its impact on processing. From dehumidifying dryers to drying times, several topics have been covered. Yet, the basic question to be answered remains, "Is the material dry enough … Continue reading

Lamp Shade Application Brings Compound To Light

Prestige Products and Sun Plastics Inc. of Elk Grove Village, IL worked with RTP Company to meet the material requirements for an innovative lamp shade. The seamless, injection molded lamp shade dictates structural, flame retardant and precolor requirements. A glass-reinforced, … Continue reading

PPA Compound Meets Bushing’s High Demands

Fuser roller bushings used in various name brand copiers perform at temperatures of up to 392 degrees F and speeds from 10-350 rpm, depending on copier model. Since the bushings are supporting aluminum counterparts, the lubricity of the material is … Continue reading

High Temp Compound Meets High Demands

American Harvest, Inc. of Chaska, MN chose RTP Company to supply the material required for the bezel and outer cover of their Bread Classic? II breadmaker. Heat resistance, flame retardance, durability, and color are the main specifications for the application. … Continue reading

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