Compounding Lines: December 1998 Edition

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Overmolded Elastomer Soft, Pliable

When The Chamberlain Group, Inc., designed the push buttons for its Lift Master Mini Remote ? the world’s smallest and lightest garage door remote control ? it needed a durable material that molded well over Cycoloy® ABS. Its molder, PTA … Continue reading

Connectors Balance Heat Resistance and Strength

Electrical connectors in stage and studio lighting systems take a beating every time they are on the job. Handling currents ranging from 20 to 400 amps, they must be exceptionally resistant to heat. And, since they are frequently rented and … Continue reading

Windshield Repair Technicians “See Red”

Repairing chips and minor cracks in automotive windshields has become a colorful job for field repair technicians at Speedy Auto & Window Glass. That’s because the main frame of their windshield repair fixture is made from a durable, brightly-colored RTP … Continue reading

Compound Makes World’s First Bar-B-Que Light? Even Better

Outdoor chefs take the guesswork out of after-dark grilling with Olympia Lighting Products’ award-winning, patented Bar-B-Que Light?. The light clamps onto the grill, deck rail or table and is fully adjustable. Its halogen bulb generously illuminates the grilling surface and … Continue reading

High Purity Compound Specified By Seagate

Thermoplastic compounds used in the data storage and semiconductor industries must pass stringent requirements for cleanliness. RTP Company is helping electronic device manufactures minimize losses caused by damage from contaminants by developing high purity specialty compounds from pre-tested resins and … Continue reading

Flame Retardant Nylon Makes Appliance Connections Safe

Not long ago, field failure fires ? caused by improper crimping ? prompted the appliance industry to sit up and take notice. The nylon that was used to insulate electrical connectors was catching fire, dripping, and spreading the fire to … Continue reading

Compounding Profits: Helpful Information to Improve Your Products and Processes

While most elastomers (RTP Series 1200, 1500, 2700 and 2800) by themselves require low barrel and mold temperatures, overmolding onto rigid materials sometimes requires higher temperatures. If the flowing elastomer is not hot enough to soften the rigid substrate at … Continue reading

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