Compounding Lines: September 1998 Edition

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Hearing Tests Are Fast, Easy with Precolored PC/ABS

Complete hearing tests in 6 frequencies can now be conducted in 3 seconds using a remarkable new screening instrument called Ero-Scan?. Manufactured by Etymotic Research, the handheld device is completely self-contained and is ideal for testing infants, children, and adults. … Continue reading

Metallic Nylon Rugged, Attractive

Maxicraft S.A. in Vemantes, France, manufactures a complete line of sturdy hand-held tools used by do-it-yourself consumers throughout Europe. When they needed a sturdy, yet aesthetically pleasing material for their portable drill housing, they turned to technical experts at RTP … Continue reading

Compound Keeps Paper Clean, Static Free

When Olivetti Canon Industriale needed a high performance thermoplastic compound for the paper holder in its best-selling copier model, it called on RTP Company’s Italian representative, Daire Chemicals SpA. Product development experts from RTP Company’s Beaune, France, plant were called … Continue reading

Conveyors Tough on Wear Resistant Compound

"We’re very, very tough on our conveyors," says Klaus Daenzer, Engineer at Shuttleworth, Inc., in Huntington, Indiana. "And so are our customers. They simply will not tolerate repairs and bushing replacements when they’re running our systems 24 hours a day." … Continue reading

High Gravity Compound Looks, Feels Like Metal

When it comes to perfume, the packaging is often more complex than the fragrance. No one understands this more than the French, who produce some of the world’s finest designer scents. La Maison Sisley in Paris patterned the cap for … Continue reading

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