Compounding Lines: December 1999 Edition

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Compounding Profits: Helpful Information to Improve Your Products and Processes

Silver streaking in molded parts, or "splay", is a common occurrence in polycarbonate compounds with flame retardant additives. RTP Company developed an alternate formulation that eliminates splay and maintains the physical properties, flammability characteristics, and price of traditional formulas. Mar … Continue reading

French "Epilateur" Quieter With Plastic

When Calor, S.A. in Lyon, France, set out to reduce the noise and vibration in its Expertise Delicate "epilateur" (hair remover), it turned to RTP Company’s Beaune, France, plant. Two specialty compounds meet these requirements and reduce production costs: RTP … Continue reading

Elastomer "Donuts" Keep Vacuum From Floating

Vacuuming the deep end of an in-ground pool can be difficult, especially when the naturally-buoyant hoses lift the vacuum head off the bottom. Hoffinger Industries in West Helena, Arkansas, solves that problem by attaching heavy, flexible donuts at the junction … Continue reading

Insulative Bushing Compound Prevents Failures

Innovative Accelerated Test Model Saves More than $1 Million Per Year Continue reading

Contoured Dive Reel is Safe and Economical

The multipurpose dive reel and flag tender from Oceanus Engineering gives divers a "reel deal" when it comes to trustworthy dive line deployment. The revolutionary reel abandons heavy stainless steel in favor of a non-corrosive, reinforced polypropylene compound from RTP … Continue reading

Glass Reinforced Compound Solves Flow, Breakage Problems

Stanwick Electrical Products and molder Pre Plastics turned to RTP Company for an RTP 200 Series nylon compound that meets the extreme demands of electrical terminal block carriers used in the utility/power generation industry. The terminal blocks are used in … Continue reading

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