Compounding Lines: March 1999 Edition

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Long Fiber Compounds Dramatically Increase Impact Strength

Long fiber compounds are known for performance and value. They dramatically increase impact strength over short fiber compounds  without sacrificing flexural modulus. When applications demand a combination of impact strength and stiffness, choose long fiber compounds (LFC’s) for improved mechanical … Continue reading

Conductive Compound Ends Aluminum Casting

New, high-pressure aluminum compressed gas cylinders are finished in a rigorous washing, coating and curing system. The cylinders suspend from a conveyor by plug hooks that provide a grounding path for the powder coating. Luxfer Gas Cylinders, the world’s largest … Continue reading

Compounds Make Tenderizer Rugged, Dishwasher Safe

Inventor Michael W. Thompson, President and CEO of Soaring T, Inc., in Reno, Nevada, knows how to bring a good idea to market. His innovative new Gourmet Tenderizing System went from concept to sale in just nine months with help … Continue reading

Wireless Workstation Demands Specialty Compounds

When Itronix Corporation needed a vast array of thermoplastic compounds for its new T5200 handheld wireless mobile workstation, it turned to RTP Company. "We’d always used the big suppliers and worked around their standard offerings," said Bill Erler, Principal Mechanical … Continue reading

Guide Rail Compound Controls ESD

In the growing European electronics market, manufacturer C.E.P.I. Rack s.r.l. in Italy has pioneered a new guide rail for module racks which hold and transport electronic circuit boards. The guide rails are made from an RTP 300 Series polycarbonate specialty … Continue reading

PEEK? Specialty Compound Stands Up To High Pressure Refrigerants

When Visteon Automotive Systems began manufacturing scroll compressors for automotive air conditioning systems, it chose a PEEK?-based specialty compound for the compressor’s tip seals. The compound gives the seals the durability, stiffness, and wear resistance necessary to prevent refrigerant leakage … Continue reading

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