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WELCOME to the November 2014 edition of Compounding Lines!

In this issue, read about customers who have had great success using RTP Company custom engineered thermoplastics in unique safety handles for industrial hoses and a revolutionary windshield repair system. In addition, learn about Ultra Performance compounds and how these unique products perform exceptionally well in demanding environments.


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Easy to Handle: Handle-Tech Ltd.

Unique product made from innovative compound keeps workers safer Dale Gregg has been developing creative solutions to challenging business and industry problems for decades. When a friend explained how his son had crushed his hand while moving sections of heavy … Continue reading

Power PLA: Novus Glass Incorporated

New biobased plastic parts are tough like conventional engineering plastics, and colorable too Novus Glass Incorporated began more than four decades ago, when Dr. Frank Werner grew frustrated with having to replace his windshield every time he found a small … Continue reading

Closing the Gap: Ultra Performance Compounds

Ultra Performance Structural Compounds Close the Gap between Plastics and Metals RTP Company has introduced Ultra Performance structural compounds, a complete line of fiber reinforced high temperature thermoplastics that offer elevated mechanical and thermal performance combined with excellent chemical resistance, … Continue reading

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