Compound Gleams on Bicycle Hand Brake


Professional bicycle teams throughout Europe rely on sturdy, cutting edge hand brake mechanisms from MAVIC S.A. in Saint Trivier sur Moignans, France. Part of the high-tech look comes from a silver grip adjustment lever that shines like metal but is actually an electroplated polypropylene compound from RTP Company.

Searching for increased design freedom on a complex shape, MAVIC S.A. turned to RTP Company’s Beaune, France, plant for a specialty compound that could be produced in large quantities at a lower cost than metal. The electroplating process is completed with very low scrap. It eliminates expensive and time-consuming steps associated with metals, including casting, polishing, machining, buffing, applying primer, and plating.

RTP Company’s engineers developed a mineral-reinforced RTP 100 Series polypropylene compound. Polypropylene was selected for its glossy finish that carries through to a smooth and shiny plate, and for its good chemical resistance against solvents and grease. With a flexural modulus of 0.26 psi x 106 (1800 MPa), the compound has sufficient resilience to make assembly easier.

Accelerated weathering tests were conducted on the plated parts to ensure long-term adhesion of the thin metal layer.

MAVIC S.A. is a division of adidas-salomon A.G., a world leader in sporting equipment and leisure technologies. Contact them at +(33) 04 74 55 80 55.

The molder is Arbent Plastique, located in Oyonnax, France.

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