Compound Keeps RVs, Trailers On The Level

Once parked, finding a level, safe surface to place a vehicle jack can be a challenge. Marv Clark, co-founder of Bearheart Enterprises, Fallon, NV, set out to solve the problem. He designed heavy-duty levelers for use with recreational vehicle, trailer and car jacks.

The two-part levelers feature rotating halves which can compensate for up to a 20 degree grade. The levelers are rotated until the desired angle is achieved. E-Z Jack Levelers provide a stable, sturdy platform for jacking. They eliminate the need to search for ample rocks or wood to help level jacks.

The leveler’s round, interlocking pads provide a 64 sq. in. footprint for jacks. The 10-in. diameter pads are only 3 in. high when in the storage position. A box of four levelers measures only 10 in. x 10 in. x 12 in., storing easily in tight spaces.

The levelers are exposed to extensive loads in varied environments, dictating strict performance standards.

Bearheart Enterprises turned to RTP Company when they needed a high-demand material. The material used for the injection-molded pads is an RTP 200 Series (nylon 6/6) compound, with glass reinforcement. It exhibits a compressive strength of 27,000 psi (ASTM D-695) and a tensile strength of 33,000 psi. Individual levelers sustain a load of 95,000 lbs., according to test results from an independent laboratory. For reference, an average 30-ft. recreational vehicle weighs 15,000 to 20,000 lbs.

"It’s an unbelievable material," says Clark. "The pads only weigh 4 lbs. and they sustain incredible loads. RTP Company materials deliver."

The levelers are molded by Advanced Plastic Molding (702-355-0333) in Sparks, NV. For more information about E-Z Jack Levelers, contact Bearheart Enterprises (800-566-3409).

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