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In this issue, read about customers who have had great success using RTP Company custom engineered thermoplastics in durable and colorful keyboards, a strong and secure water bottle holder for cyclists and RTP Company’s quick delivery to solve a molder’s problem.

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Adding the Touch

From competitive gamers and serious writers to airport check-in staff and IT software engineers, heavy duty computer keyboards with excellent mechanical touch are a must! Keyed Up Labs, a producer of third party computer keyboards based in Irvine, California, already had the solutions to these mechanical requirements, but was looking for something more: how to get great aesthetics, with a durable laser mark print on the key caps…  Continue reading


saving-water-whiteSaving Water

Whether amateur or professional, serious cyclists want the assurance of quick and easy access to their water bottle during a hard ride―for health as well as competitive reasons. But when cyclists are speeding up and down hills or racing through rough terrain, it is not uncommon to see a water bottle fly off a bike due to vibration or obstacles…  Continue reading


Royal-PlasticsA Matter of Hours

Recently, Royal Plastics found themselves in a difficult situation: they received a silo delivery of a contaminated material from another supplier, which was then used in conjunction with one of RTP Company’s custom compounds. By the time the contamination issue was detected, Royal Plastics  already had a great deal of finished goods inventoried in house, plus product sitting in warehouses at two of their largest customers’ facilities…  Continue reading


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