These articles from our Applications Notebook contain 200+ case studies of how RTP Company specialty compounds have been used to solve real world application problems. Discover the performance, design, and molding considerations that led to specifying a material from our wide selection of value-added thermoplastic compounds.

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Chain Guides

Due to their proximity to motors and their exposure to heat, chain guides require an extremely durable material with a high heat deflection temperature.

Cable Conveyor

Our engineers offered RTP 700 ABR and RTP 200 ABR, which were used to mold interchangeable conveyor cables, depending on whether the food being conveyed was hot or cold.

Fan Club

Mexico City entrepreneur Javier Robles started Compañia Automotriz De Ventiladores S.A. (CAVSA) in the mid-1980s, manufacturing and supplying aftermarket automotive fans for a wide variety of vehicles. For years, these were purely

Power PLA: Novus Glass Incorporated

Novus Glass Incorporated began more than four decades ago, when Dr. Frank Werner grew frustrated with having to replace his windshield every time he found a small crack.

Superior Conduct

After 20 years, a company finds a high quality, reliable source for conductive plastic.

Robotics Gearbox

As a volunteer mentor for the FIRST® robotics competitions, Andy Baker saw a wide disparity among teams — not in talent, but in the access they had to resources that would help them bring their ideas to life.

Mail Sorting Trays

Reliability and Consistency Allow ORBIS to Meet USPS Requirements

Food Conveyor Rollers

Warnings about food contamination have been making headlines more and more frequently.

Soap Dispenser

A soap dispenser molded by Inopak, Ltd. incorporates an RTP 600 Series ABS masterbatch containing Fluoroguard®.

Hose Couplings

When Pro Mold wanted to help Clemco Industries, a leading manufacturer of industrial sandblasting equipment, find a new material for their hose coupling, they asked RTP Company for suggestions.