Environmental Health and Safety Site Coordinator – Fort Worth, TX

RTP Company, headquartered in Winona, Minn., is a global compounder of custom engineered thermoplastics. The company has over 20 manufacturing plants located in the United States, Mexico, Europe, Singapore and China. RTP Company’s engineers develop customized thermoplastic compounds in over 60 different engineering resin systems for applications requiring color, conductive, elastomeric, flame retardant, high temperature, structural, and wear-resistant properties.

The Environmental Health and Safety Site Coordinator is responsible for assisting the site/plant/department manager with the implementation and maintenance of comprehensive Safety, Health, and Environmental Affairs Policies at a specific location. This position has key responsibilities of maintaining policies and programs in the Safety Program Manual. Emphasis is placed on implementation and documentation of necessary safety training. The Environmental Health and Safety Site Coordinator has the daily responsibilities of implementing, documenting, and monitoring the annual safety plan. Along with this, there must be assurance that all activities completed follow local, state, and federal regulations.

In addition, the Environmental Health and Safety Site Coordinator responds to any site emergencies, internal audits or enquiries, and documents all reports of incidences which occur. He/she must maintain a high level of awareness/understanding of the latest practices and technology in the safety field. This expertise is applied when instances come up requiring research of methods, equipment, or standards. The individual interfaces with all site personnel, supervisors, managers, and Site Safety Coordinators at other locations, and receives functional direction, guidance, and support from the assigned Regional EHS Manager and/or other corporate EHS Staff. Good communication, training, and comprehension skills are key requirements.

These policies which protect employees, and the facilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Conducting training and maintaining documentation in training files
  • Maintenance of the Safety Program Manual for the specific location. This includes annual updating of safety manuals following the review process performed by the site safety committee
  • Periodic safety audits
  • Routine industrial hygiene testing (carbon monoxide, noise levels, particulates)
  • Carrying out day to day responsibilities for the recycling and solid waste disposal program
  • Coordination of annual medical surveillance testing (respirator certifications, hearing testing)
  • Coordinating emergency response activities (first aid, CPR, AED certification and training)
  • Miscellaneous other responsibilities as designated

Skills and Abilities:

  • Conducts training on safety and related issues prioritized per the annual EHS Safety Plan, OSHA regulations, and company policies. This will include the interactive training programs personalized to company processes. These training programs will be available to other company locations for their training needs. Through direct contact with the employees during the training process, the safety related topics will be communicated throughout the site. Key training topics include lockout/tag out, hazard communication, respirator fit testing, forklift proficiency, and confined space entry
  • Must be well organized and have a strong attention to detail
  • Assist with development, documentation, and monitoring of the site’s safety policies and procedures outlined in the Safety Program Manual. The main objective is to effectively control and reduce hazards which affect employee’s safety and health. This will ultimately have a positive effect on reducing accident frequency and costs, thus also reducing insurance premiums
  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication
  • Conduct routine inspections of our safety policies and procedures as well as the physical site. This includes investigation and identification of hazards with follow-up of corrective actions, whether it is equipment or policy/process/procedures
  • Aid supervisors and hourly employees on safety related matters. Examples include researching requests for proper type of “Personal Protective Equipment”, accident investigation follow-up, employee suggestions for improving the safety program, and researching SDS’s for proper disposal methods for discarding materials
  • Coordinate medical surveillance needs including respirator fit testing, scheduling employees for annual respirator certifications, and hearing testing. Also conduct industrial hygiene testing including monthly noise decibel testing, carbon monoxide testing, and particulate sampling
  • Maintain a degree of awareness and understanding of government regulations and new developments in the field of safety. This knowledge will directly affect improvements to current programs and establish standards for those not previously addressed. Compliance will be achieved in addition to minimizing employee injury and monetary fines associated with lack of compliance
  • Daily tasks including maintenance of solid waste disposal area, stocking first aid kits, monthly fire extinguisher inspections, maintaining confidential document bins, maintaining pallet inventory, maintaining safety supply inventory as well as miscellaneous other responsibilities that may be required by the site safety committee, site/plant/department manager, regional EHS Manager or other corporate EHS Staff
  • Must be able to communicate with people in various positions and levels within the company
  • Must have strong interpersonal skills

Education and Experience

  • A bachelor’s degree in safety or related field with 2-5 years’ experience is recommended. Minimum requirements include an associate degree in safety or a technical discipline with safety experience
  • A working knowledge of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint programs are necessary
  • This position requires both administrative and technical skills. Administrative skills are needed to coordinate all programs and determine priorities and delegations. Technical skills are required to recognize and correct safety hazards and be confident that the techniques and judgments made will withstand legal and regulatory scrutiny regarding training

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