Facility Enhancements Ensure Market Leadership

To maintain our role as your global compounder of choice for custom engineered thermoplastic, RTP Company has invested in a pair of new facilities.

Ultra Clean Compounding Center

Clean Manufacturing

RTP Company’s Ultra Clean Compounding Center

A new controlled manufacturing environment dedicated to the production of high quality clean compounds has been established.

“Our customers continue to challenge us to be at the forefront of many technologies. One common theme we hear from many markets is the desire for clean compounds,” said Gregg Newby, Global Director of Marketing and Business Development. “In response, we have established an Ultra Clean Compounding Center to manufacture materials for sensitive applications with higher quality requirements.”

Currently operational with two extrusion lines, the 3,300 sq. ft. (305 m2) self-contained Ultra Clean Compounding Center has capacity for four lines and is capable of producing almost any product in RTP Company’s portfolio. Extrusion and post-extrusion operations (cooling, pelletizing, classifying, and packaging) are conducted inside a climate-controlled, positive pressure environment with interlocks to limit access.

Stringent operating and finished product testing protocols are used to minimize any potential for cross contamination during manufacture. “Tighter control over the environment and specifications during manufacture results in more consistent compounds and eliminates sources of contamination. We can assure that materials produced in this facility will set new industry standards,” explained Newby.

New Quality Assurance Lab

Quality Assurance Lab

New quality assurance lab

A new Quality Assurance lab provides RTP Company with streamlined operational efficiencies and expanded material testing capabilities necessary to meet the needs of global users of specialty compounds.

“Our commitment to quality is evident to anyone who visits this facility,” said Patrick McCamley, QA Manager. “Our new lab adds even more testing capabilities, reducing production time by enabling us to conduct advanced testing in-house.”

Recent acquisitions include fully automated robotic mechanical testing, elastomer-specific mechanical testing, and specialized analytical testing. New analytical capabilities include equipment to conduct infrared spectroscopy and ionic purity analysis.

The 3,500 sq. ft. (325 m2) lab’s design features concentrated, specified work centers. “This clean and smartly-designed testing facility houses all our equipment and staff in two rooms, which enables excellent user communication and close proximity of all testing activities,” said McCamley. Additionally, in-process testing on the plant floor during manufacturing has been expanded to provide early validation that quality requirements are being met.

“The lab’s design is particularly visitor-friendly,” added McCamley. “QA engineers are able to bring customers into the lab and let them physically observe their testing in progress.”


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