Glass Fiber Reinforced PLA Bioplastic Compounds Improve Strength and Thermal Performance

Reinforced Bioplastic CompoundsRTP Company has introduced the industry’s first line of glass fiber reinforced polylactic acid (PLA) bioplastic compounds that overcome many of the limitations of unmodified PLA by providing greater strength, stiffness, and thermal performance.

Fully colorable and available globally, the reinforced PLA grades have glass fiber loadings from 10 to 40% with the ability to customize glass levels to meet the specific requirements of individual applications. They are ideal for semi-durable goods where the use of a bio-based material has consumer appeal.

“Our new glass fiber reinforced PLA compounds enhance the strength and temperature performance of PLA making it possible for PLA to be considered for much broader use,” said Will Taber, Business Manager for Emerging Technologies. “We can now produce PLA bioplastic compounds with mechanical properties that meet or exceed those of many traditional thermoplastics.”

Proprietary nucleation packages speed crystallization which increases temperature performance and allows quicker cycle times. Several nucleating package options are available to balance cost and performance requirements.

The compounds are part of RTP Company’s complete “Eco-Solutions” product portfolio, which includes compounds that make use of bio-based or recycled resins, natural fibers, and halogen-free flame retardant or wear resistant additives. These provide material options that address the sustainability, reutilization, and eco-conscious objectives of modern consumers and forward-thinking companies without compromising performance.


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