Inhalation Devices Benefit From Antistatic Compounds From RTP Company

RTP Company has developed inherently antistatic thermoplastic compounds, based on polypropylene or acrylic, for drug flow paths in pharmaceutical inhalation devices (both pMDI and DPI).

Having undergone extensive extraction testing, these antistatic compounds have excellent clarity allowing patients to visually see into the drug flow path. New pharmaceutical inhalation devices incorporate antistatic thermoplastics to facilitate accurate drug dosages for powders and aerosols. “The permanent antistatic properties of these compounds allow predictable and repeatable dosages to flow through the device without sacrificing clarity,” says Barry Nelson, Product Engineer for RTP Company.

Antistatic compounds neutralize the static effect, providing a stable environment for each use of the device. Without antistatic plastics, inaccurate dosages could result from either too little medicine (micro-particles attracted to the walls) or too much medicine (medication builds up over time and suddenly releases) being administered.

RTP Company conductive technologies add value to medical applications by providing protection against static accumulation, electrostatic discharge (ESD), and electromagnetic interference (EMI). In addition to drug inhalation devices, other healthcare and biomedical applications incorporating conductive thermoplastics include pipette tips, pickup electrodes, breathing tubes and structures, and housings requiring ESD or EMI protection.

RTP Company, headquartered in Winona, Minnesota, is a global leader in specialty compounding. The company has seven manufacturing plants on three continents, plus sales representatives throughout North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific. RTP Company’s engineers develop customized thermoplastic compounds in over 60 different engineering resin systems for applications requiring color, conductive, flame retardant, high temperature, shielding, structural, and wear resistant properties.

Technical Brief

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