Lamp Shade Application Brings Compound To Light


Prestige Products and Sun Plastics Inc. of Elk Grove Village, IL worked with RTP Company to meet the material requirements for an innovative lamp shade. The seamless, injection molded lamp shade dictates structural, flame retardant and precolor requirements.

A glass-reinforced, flame retardant RTP 100 Series (polypropylene) formulation meets all requirements for the application. It exhibits a flexural strength of 9,500 psi and an un-notched impact strength of 3.5 ft. lbs./in. at 1/8 in. The flame retardant compound is UL 94 V0 at 1/16 in. This application requires strict color matches. Equally important is ample dispersion of coloring and reinforcements to assure consistent appearance in this backlit environment.

The lamp shades are made in various sizes and are available with the MAX High Abuse Lamps made by Prestige Products. The lamps are ideal for educational, health care and other environments where durable, maintenance-free lighting is needed.

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