New Conductive Compounds Open Possibilities

New and modified reinforcements and additives are having a dramatic impact on the performance of conductive compounds. RTP Company Research and Development engineers routinely evaluate these innovations. As product designers and engineers require critically-engineered materials, they turn to RTP Company for materials that deliver.

The PermaStat® line of products (permanently antistatic compounds), previously limited to low and moderate temperature resin systems, now include some higher performance resin systems. The latest additions to the PermaStat® line include polycarbonate and the new Carilon® resin systems.

“Our goal in the development of these materials was to meet static dissipation requirements in demanding environments,” says Wayne Kronebusch, RTP Company development engineer. “One of the major accomplishments is the formulation of PermaStat® compounds which retain crucial thermal and physical properties in high-demand environments.”

Highly conductive compounds are another key area of development at RTP Company. These materials provide improved conductivity over compounds developed as recently as five years ago.

“The major factor in this growth is improved processing and compounding technology,” says Larry Rupprecht, RTP Company development engineer. “For instance, we’ve improved the dispersion of conductive components to a point that overall performance and lot-to-lot consistency are at their highest levels. Colorability of conductive compounds is becoming more practical as carbon is no longer the only option for achieving conductivity.”

“Demand for conductive specialty compounds is growing as customers realize the potential applications,” Rupprecht continues. “Customers now base their decisions on material performance.”

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