Specialty, Function-Specific Thermoplastic Elastomers

  • RTP 6002 Series – Bondable to PC, ABS, PC/ABS
  • RTP 6003 Series – Bondable to PBT/PC, PC/PMMA, PET/PC
  • RTP 6011 Series – Improved wet-grip performance

Introducing Wet-Grip TPEs

These compounds, which have been designated RTP 6011, are designed specifically for improved wet-grip performance. They are offered in three hardness grades including 55, 65, and 75 Shore A and can be colored by either concentrate or pre-color methods.

RTP 6011 provides excellent coefficient-of-friction (COF) properties, in both the wet and dry state. While many TPEs lose their grip in the presence of water, RTP 6011 maintains a high COF value when wet, maintaining complete functionality of the material and your part.

Bondable TPEs

RTP Company’s bondable thermoplastic elastomer grades are formulated to provide a superior chemical bond to rigid substrates, making possible simpler part designs that are less dependent on mechanical interlocks and/or eliminate time consuming surface preparation during production.

These compounds are fully compatible with insert or multi-shot molding methods and are ideal for applications where “soft-touch” features can provide an ergonomic grip, enhance consumer appeal, dampen sound or vibration, or provide impact protection.