Product Design Unites M&A Plastics, RTP Company

“We’ve been RTP Company customers since we started business,” says Willie Morales, Sr., founder of M&A Plastics, Inc. “They gave us the material we needed, when we needed it.” Morales came to the U.S. in 1954 from Mexico. He and partner Carlos Arreguin founded the Sun Valley, CA,based injection molding company in 1979. Morales became sole owner in February 1994.

Morales designed injection-molded strainers for industrial use. He needed a material able to withstand varied temperatures while meeting high physical demands.

An RTP 100 Series (polypropylene) specialty compound with glass reinforcement meets the challenge. It exhibits an un-notched impact strength of 7,800 ft. lbs./in. at 1/8 in. and a flexural strength of 11,000 psi. The compound provides a mold shrinkage of 0.03 in./in. at 1/8 in. “It was difficult to determine exact requirements, especially for a new product,” Morales recalls. “By working together, we found the right material for the job.”

M&A Plastics in-line strainers, available in T and Y configurations, fit 1/2-in. to 2-in. diameter pipe. The filtering screens are easily cleaned and reinstalled. The strainers come in black and natural, and may be colored depending on specific customer needs.

M&A Plastics, Inc. (818-768-0479) provides complete injection molding with ten presses from 40 to 450 tons. They specialize in the use of PP, PA, CPVC and PVDF materials, with the capacity to run 1.5 to 85 ounces of material.

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