Biocompatible UniColor® Masterbatches & Precolored Resins for Medical/Healthcare

These standard UniColor® universal masterbatches and precolored resins are ideal for use in medical devices, medical packaging, pharmaceutical applications, and disposable medical products.

Eighteen standard colors, as well as custom color matches, all meet ISO 10993-1 tests for biocompatibility and were carefully developed for cost-effectiveness and global availability. Drying is not required prior to processing.

Masterbatch and precolor products can be developed for use with any resin including: styrenics, olefins, elastomers, nylons, PVC, engineering resins, Radel® R and other high temperature resins.

  Number Color
[swatch] EMD-26793 MB UniColor® EMD Blue White
[swatch] EMD-42891 MB UniColor® EMD Yellow
[swatch] EMD-42904 MB UniColor® EMD Bright Yellow
[swatch] EMD-480456 MB UniColor® EMD Orange
[swatch] EMD-54509 MB UniColor® EMD Red
[swatch] EMD-59928 MB UniColor® EMD Pink
[swatch] EMD-780296 MB UniColor® EMD Violet
[swatch] EMD780297 MB UniColor® EMD Lavender
[swatch] EMD-702378 MB UniColor® EMD Blue
[swatch] EMD-703044 MB UniColor® EMD Light Blue
[swatch] EMD-65188 MB UniColor® EMD Light Green
[swatch] EMD-65157 MB UniColor® EMD Green
[swatch] EMD-885324 MB UniColor® EMD Gray
[swatch] EMD-887756 MB UniColor® EMD Dark Gray
[swatch] EMD-32440 MB UniColor® EMD Beige
[swatch] EMD-480455 MB UniColor® EMD Red Earth
[swatch] EMD-96439 MB UniColor® EMD Brown
[swatch] EMD-802744 MB UniColor® EMD Black

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