Shielding Effectiveness Data

Thermoplastic Compounds for EMI Shielding

Thermoplastic compounds for EMI shielding offer reliability and value in a wide range of applications where electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is required. These specialty compounds give designers and processors tremendous flexibility and significant benefits over metals and metalized plastics.

This section contains EMI shielding effectiveness data for selected RTP Company compounds. It was generated utilizing ASTM D-4935: Standard Test Method for Measuring the Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness of Planar Materials.

  Base Polymer RTP Series
 ABS  Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene  RTP 600 Series
 PA 66  Nylon 6/6  RTP 200 Series
 PC  Polycarbonate  RTP 300 Series
 PC/ABS  PC/ABS Alloys  RTP 2500 Series
 PEI  Polyetherimide  RTP 2100 Series
Additional EMI Resources 

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Processing Conditions
Quick start reference card for processing EMI Compounds.

Data Sheets
Details on the physical properties of many of our EMI grade compounds

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