Light and Tough (LT) Compounds

LT Compounds
LT - Door-Carrier

Our Light and Tough (LT) Compounds are lightweight and remain tough in demanding environments. These LT Compounds introduce hollow glass spheres and weigh 5% – 10% less than typical reinforced compounds, while targeting equivalent mechanical properties and similar shrinkage values.

Some advantages that our LT Series Compounds have over GF Compounds are:

  • Up to 10% weight reduction while maintaining similar mechanical properties
  • No chemical foaming agents
  • Aesthetic parts still achievable vs. chemical foaming

Unlike chemical foaming agents, this technology is not dependent on wall thickness and can often be used as a drop-in solution with existing SG Compound tooling.

These compounds are best used as lightweight alternatives when the goal is to minimize energy consumption or the amount of human effort required to use the part.

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