Polypropylene Very Long Fiber Compounds

  • Exceptional strength, stiffness, and impact resistance
  • Long-Fiber-illustrationPerformance maintained at extreme high and low temperatures
  • Easily injection-molded into complex geometries, large or small

Imagine reducing weight and costs by engineering a common polypropylene polymer into a remarkably stiff, tough, and lightweight compound that performs on the level of more expensive reinforced thermoplastics, is not prone to a reduction of performance due to hydrolysis (like nylon), and has exceptional chemical resistance. Furthermore, a compound that is easily molded into complex shapes with critical dimensions, resists warpage in the largest surface area parts, and requires less energy to process than reinforced Nylon. Not only can this compound be formulated to stringent color codes, it can meet demanding automotive specifications for low emissions, ultraviolet protection, and long term heat aging. At RTP Company, we not only imagined it, we’ve made it a reality.

Very Long Fiber (VLF) compounds made from our proprietary pultrusion process yield pellets 11mm in length, with fibers completely wetted with polymer. These longer fibers in the molded article are more capable of resisting deformation and handle the transfer of stress caused by external forces. Additional additive technologies may be incorporated to create robust compounds that are engineered to meet demanding requirements for strength and impact at extremely low and high temperatures. The achieved performance levels make these compounds suitable for use in applications such as pallets, automobile battery trays, sporting goods, furniture structures, and industrial fans.

When performance is critical, now and for extended periods of time, PP VLF compounds have high strength-to-weight ratios, very low creep, and maintain their usefulness over a broad temperature range.

Polypropylene Very Long Fiber compounds, another solution from RTP Company… your global leader in engineered thermoplastic compounds.

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