RTP Company Increases Long Fiber Capabilities

RTP Company announces that its Long Fiber Compound (LFC) capabilities have expanded significantly with increased capacity, addition of key personnel, and broader product offerings.

A new long fiber facility near RTP Company’s headquarters in Winona, Minnesota is the most notable investment. The facility has substantially increased the company’s long fiber product capacity with the addition of multiple long fiber lines augmented by state-of-the-art equipment. These improvements enable RTP Company to offer even shorter lead-times and superior quality control.

“RTP Company has shown its renewed focus by steering more resources toward LFCs,” said Steve Maki, Vice President of Technology. “These additional resources will work to increase product and process development, as well as improve upon scale-up of new technologies.”

In addition to the new facility in Winona, additional long fiber lines have been established at several of RTP Company’s worldwide operations. Product and Process Development Engineers, Technical Service support staff, and Business Development Managers have been appointed globally to assist the company’s growing customer base of injection molders and OEMs using LFCs.

Important advancements in long fiber technologies have been made to RTP Company’s LFCs. RTP Company has expanded its long fiber capability to incorporate a wider array of resin systems and include cross-functional technologies.

“RTP Company realizes that it has an opportunity to bring the mechanical property advantages of long fiber reinforcement to resin systems beyond polypropylene and nylon,” said Karl Hoppe, Product Development Engineer. “Not only do we have long fiber products based on engineered resin systems like PBT, PPA, and PEEK, but we also have the ability to incorporate these LFCs with other technologies, like flame retardant, wear resistant, or even conductive.”

In 2005, RTP Company introduced Long Fiber Concentrates with high glass loadings. Improved processability of the concentrates has now been achieved, allowing customers to incorporate this technology even more efficiently and realize improved economics. RTP Company has taken steps to proactively assist customers on site in their transition from compounds to concentrates. Additional long fiber concentrate products include stainless steel concentrates available in a variety of resin systems.

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