RTP Company Introduces New Elastomer Products Specifically Formulated for Bondability

Specialty compounder RTP company has introduced the first in a new series of functional thermoplastic elastomer compounds that are formulated for specific properties and optimized performance. The first commercial grades to be released which have been designated RTP 6002 and RTP 6003 have been specifically developed for improved bonding in two-shot or insert over-molded applications. Each of these new products is available in hardnesses of 45, 55, and 75 shore A.

“Over-molding with elastomers is a way to add value and functionality to an application,” explained Paul Killian, product manager for elastomers at RTP Company. “The addition of an elastomer can provide better grip performance, improve aesthetics, or provide sound/vibration dampening, as well as offer protection from impact and/or drop forces to an application. In any over-molding process, however, the critical element is the bond between the soft elastomeric material and the rigid substrate. This property is essential for part success and a long life cycle for the application in the field.”

RTP Company has used its broad portfolio of elastomer resin systems to develop these products that are optimized for bonding to different substrates. RTP 6002 is formulated for improved bonding to PC, ABS, and PC/ABS, while RTP 6003 offers better bonding to PC/PBT and PC/PMMA. “These two products have been developed to bond to standard off-the-shelf substrates as well as with RTP Company’s custom compounds and pre-colored materials,” added Killian.

A major benefit of these new products is that they offer molders a comfortable processing window. Explained Killian, “For a successful bond to occur during over- molding it’s critical to have the proper processing and design conditions. Many injection molders are very aware of this. However, some are not. One of our goals during development was to be able to offer products that have the widest possible processing window for the injection molder.”

In addition to its elastomer technologies, RTP Company also has extensive experience developing rigid substrate materials. “This is a real competitive advantage for us,” said Killian, “Bringing this combination of know-how to the table enables RTP Company to work with customers on both the rigid substrate and the overmold material in order to optimize the combination for overall performance and bondability.”

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