RTP Company Introduces New High-Flow Conductive Compounds

RTP Company has developed new high-flow conductive polypropylene (PP) compounds for thin-wall injection molding, which has become increasingly important for producing complex medical, electronic, and biotechnological devices.

Thin-wall parts have a restrictive flow path leading to narrower processing windows, and the need for specialty thermoplastic materials. When existing materials cannot consistently fill thin-walls or difficult geometries, the new high-flow, conductive PP offers a viable solution without the need to modify tooling or part design. The easy-to-mold, conductive PP materials achieve typical melt flows of 20 grams/10 minutes (2160 grams at 230 degrees C), which compare favorably to existing conductive PP materials (melt flows ranging from 1 to 3).

The materials have been specially designed to minimize warpage and retain their robust physical properties with a notched IZOD impact strength of 2.5 ft-lbs/in (133 J/m) and a “no break” unnotched IZOD impact strength. These tough, highly conductive compounds offer a surface resistivity of 10E4 ohms/square (maximum) and volume resistivity of less than 25 ohm-cm. Applications include containers, totes, bins, pipette tips, and explosives handling products.

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