RTP Company Introduces Next Generation of Bondable TPEs Formulated to Provide Cost-Effective and Functional Performance

The TPE Division of specialty compounder RTP Company has introduced a new series of bondable thermoplastic elastomer compounds — RTP 6042 Series. Standard grades in the series have been formulated to bond to a variety of rigid substrates including PC, ABS, PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PC/PMMA and RTPU resins. The new RTP 6042 Series products offer a wider processing window than the RTP 6002 Series, which they replace. Additional benefits include superior bonding performance and more consistent mechanical properties across a hardness spectrum from 50 to 75 Shore A.

According to Paul Killian, Technical Marketing Manager—TPE Division, “The critical element in any over-molding process is the chemical bond between the soft elastomeric material and the rigid substrate. Our new RTP 6042 Series TPEs offer excellent bonding performance, which is essential for long application life cycles in the field.”

“RTP Company sees an immediate fit with consumer applications due to the products’ easy coloring and a great cost to performance ratio,” continued Killian. “The materials are also particularly well suited for rugged electronic devices with over-molded designs where excellent tensile and tear strength as well as abrasion resistance is required.”

One of the major benefits of the RTP 6042 Series products is the wider processing window it offers molders using either multi-shot or insert molding techniques. “New designs and advanced processing technology continue to push the over-molding envelope,” said Killian, “It is critical to provide molders with as much process latitude as possible. One of our goals with this new series was to offer products that have the widest possible processing window for the injection molders. The RTP 6042 Series accomplishes that goal.”

RTP Company developed the RTP 6042 Series grades to be more competitive in a bonding arena. “We recognize that customers have a lot of material options to choose from,” added Killian. “The RTP 6042 Series is a more consistent and economical product line that can be used as an off-the-shelf, go-to bonding material in a wide variety of applications.”

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