WINONA, MINNESOTA, USA — Specialty compounder RTP Company introduces a new line of Value Products, developed in popular formulations commonly chosen by processors.

RTP Company’s Value Products were developed to provide industry standard solutions when typical properties and price competitiveness are required and quality, speed, and service are essential. These products are immediately available at a lower cost and come with the complete technical support and service you have come to expect from RTP Company. A family of reinforced nylon products has been commercialized. Polypropylene and polycarbonate products will follow soon.

Customers around the world are familiar with RTP Company’s ability to develop customized solutions to often complex and challenging problems. RTP Company produces literally thousands of new and unique products every year. RTP Company is now able to leverage its in-depth knowledge of polymers and additives with its Value Product line.

“The new Value Products Division of RTP Company helps to expand our core competency in specialty compounds by making quick, proven, cost effective material solutions available,” commented Kevin Jennings, Value Products Division Manager. “We want customers to think of RTP Company for all of their reinforced plastics needs, from the most complex technical challenges to the most basic cost-driven projects.”