RTP Company Invests In Color And Purity Technology For Medical Industry

RTP Company, a global leader in color technologies for specialty compounds, invests heavily in equipment and systems to help medical device manufacturers meet stringent material requirements. Key initiatives include:

  • A new FTIR attenuated reflectant microscope that analyzes particles as small as 100 microns. These semi-quantitative analyses identify impurities and are captured in a photograph that can be e-mailed to customers for further study.
  • An extensive inventory of FDA-sanctioned pigments that give medical designers a large selection of precolored thermoplastics.
  • An extensive inventory of non-migratory pigments for applications such as analysis equipment and components that come into contact with fluids.
  • Strict quality control and absolute traceability in precolored compound production. Lot numbers are tracked on all raw materials, test samples, and production batches, and a “grab sample” and molded chip or tensile bar are retained and checked during each production run to ensure lot-to-lot consistency.
  • The physical properties—including purity—of each compound are tested and documented to meet the requirements of the application.
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