RTP Company Signs M. Holland Company as Distributor for Standard TPE Products in North America

Global custom engineered thermoplastics compounder RTP Company announced it has signed a distribution agreement with the M. Holland Company, based in Northbrook, Ill, for standard compounds within several of RTP Company’s thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) product lines. M. Holland will market, stock, and distribute the TPE products through their extensive sales network in the United States and Canada.

“As RTP Company’s TPE product lines have continued to grow and gain global market share, we are partnering with M. Holland in the United States and Canada to reach new customers for RTP Company’s standard TPE products,” said Scott Mumm, General Manager-TPE Products for RTP Company. “The addition of RTP Company TPE compounds will strengthen M. Holland’s already extensive line card and provide their customers with a new set of material choices.”

RTP Company TPE products M. Holland will handle include unfilled RTP 2700 Series styrenic block copolymer (TES) compounds with shore A hardness from 30 to 80, mineral filled RTP 2740 series TES compounds with shore A hardness from 30 to 80, cost-optimized RTP 6001 Series TPEs with shore A hardness from 40 to 80, as well as adhesion grades of RTP 6004 and RTP 6042 Series’ compounds that chemically bond to a variety of engineering resins. Other custom engineered specialty grades will continue to be developed and sold directly by RTP Company.

“M. Holland Company is excited about the opportunity to have RTP Company’s standard TPE products as a quality addition to our product offering,” said Thomas Petrochko, Product Manager of Engineering Thermoplastics for M. Holland. “This partnership will benefit our customers with top quality material solutions that match their needs.”

RTP Company’s broad portfolio of TPE compounds, which includes standard and custom engineered specialty compounds in five diverse TPE resin systems, will also continue to be marketed and sold both domestically and globally by RTP Company.

For more information on the M. Holland Company, including product offerings and sales coverage, contact M. Holland Company at (800) 872-7370 or visit them on the web at www.m-holland.com.

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