Glass Fiber Reinforced PLA Bioplastic Compounds Literature

Reinforced PLAInnovation Bulletin
  • Sustainable bio-based plastic suitable for durable and semi-durable applications
  • Overcome the strength, stiffness, and heat distortion limitations of neat PLA
  • Proprietary nucleation and glass fiber reinforcement produce compounds with properties comparable to traditional engineering plastics

Increasing demand from consumers for “green” products can be met with plastic compounds that do not compromise performance or come with a deterring price tag. RTP Company’s first-in-the-industry glass fiber reinforced PLA compounds overcome the shortcomings of unmodified PLA by increasing its strength and stiffness with 10-40% loadings of glass fiber.

Proprietary nucleation packages are available in standard and fast-cycle versions allowing cost to be kept under control. These packages speed crystallization improving heat distortion performance to the level necessary for demanding applications. Glass fiber reinforced PLA compounds from RTP Company have the mechanical properties necessary to be used under many conditions as drop-in alternatives to reinforced polypropylene, polyesters, and nylons.

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