Laser-Markable Compounds

Laser-Markable CompoundsInnovation Bulletin
  • Produce durable, wear-resistant marks on thermoplastics
  • Eliminate inks, paints and dyes
  • Improve throughput with rapid marking speeds and pattern recall, even on small lots

RTP Company offers a wide range of Laser-Markable Compounds that produce durable, abrasion-resistant marks for applications such as:

  • Keyboard buttons
  • Push buttons for automotive interiors
  • Wire and cable identification
  • Switches and connectors
  • Food packaging
  • Medical products
  • Identification such as bar codes, logos, lot numbers, etc.

Laser-Markable Compounds can be developed from many resin systems and may be modified for flame retardance, color, wear resistance, conductivity, or structural properties. Our engineers can pre-evaluate your specialty compound for laser markability with our own in-house Nd:YAG laser. At no charge, we can test compatibility on parts or plaques to help you achieve the contrast results you desire.

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