Nylabond™ 6092 Series

RTP Company Innovation Bulletin

RTP Company Innovation Bulletin

Innovation Bulletin
  • Superior adhesion strength
  • Outstanding performance-to-cost value
  • Robust performance and Haptics

Nylabond™ 6092 was developed to specifically address the unique challenges associated with insert over-molding (OM). Engineered with proven technology for superior aesthetics, dependable UV and chemical resistance, and easy processing, these compounds provide superior adhesion. This material can also be compounded with an array of RTP Company performance technologies such as flame retardants, structural fillers, conductive/dissipative additives, and more.

Nylabond™ 6092 is available in natural, black or custom colors, making it suitable for use across a broad range of non-automotive applications, such as power tool grips, fasteners, hand tools and recreational sporting goods.

For more information, view our innovation bulletin on Nylabond™ 6092 Series…

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