The Psychology of Color

Color Marketing Group Identifies Profitable Palettes

The Color Marketing Group (CMG) is an international association of 1,700 color designers who are involved in the process of applying color to the profitable marketing of goods and services. CMG provides a forum for the exchange of information on all phases of color marketing: color trends and combinations; design influences; merchandising and sales. RTP Company was approved for membership to this prestigious association and our customers are reaping the benefits of what we are discovering about profitable color marketing.

CMG’s major focus is to identify the direction of color and design trends, and then translate that information into appropriate colors for manufactured products. They look into the emotional and psychological impact of color. Certain colors have the ability to raise our blood pressure, cause our breathing to become rapid, increase our pulse rate, adrenaline, and frequently trigger a Galvanic Skin Response (GSR). This physiological reaction is beyond our control; transmitted to the brain is a chemical message releasing the epinephrine hormones initiating the GSR response.

Colors affecting the human response profoundly are those that sparkle. Some believe that our dependency on water is the reason that we are attracted to this glimmering effect. RTP Company has incorporated this effect into several of our color lines including: Iridescent, Misty Pearl, Sparkle Mist, and Chroma-shift. These colors command attention. Once you have the consumers’ attention, purchasing habits kick in.

RTP Company colorists play a pivotal role in developing precise colors that will capture the interest of target audiences and result in increased sales. Let RTP Company help you select colors that will make your products more profitable!

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