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Royal Plastics Appreciates Extra Effort by RTP Company team!

Recently, Royal Plastics found themselves in a difficult situation: they received a silo delivery of a contaminated material from another supplier, which was then used in conjunction with one of RTP Company’s custom compounds. By the time the contamination issue was detected, Royal Plastics  already had a great deal of finished goods inventoried in house, plus product sitting in warehouses at two of their largest customers’ facilities. “At that point, everything stopped,” explains Gary McConnell, President of Royal Plastics. “We alerted our customers to the problem, and then had to quickly decide on next steps.”

Royal Plastics received a new silo delivery of uncontaminated raw material from the other supplier, but needed the custom compound rom RTP Company to create new finished goods and deliver them to their customers. Although they already had an order placed with RTP Company for more of the custom compound, the anticipated delivery date was two weeks away; waiting any longer than a few days would most certainly force Royal Plastics, as well as their two customers, to shut down.

“Our only available option was to beg,” says McConnell. “We got in touch with our local RTP Company Sales Engineer and explained our dilemma. Within a matter of hours, we received word that RTP Company could improve the delivery date by approximately 10 days.” When the material arrived a few days later, Royal Plastics returned to full production, and both Royal Plastics and their two customers breathed a sigh of relief. “RTP Company came through at a critical time,” says McConnell. “That was the bailout we needed… and believe me, we appreciate their efforts!”