Providing strong educational and technical content in our website, webinars and  Imagineering Plastics Workshops is important to RTP Company.

Case Studies: Real life examples of the use of RTP Company engineered thermoplastic solutions. Examples are available via  market segment, product family and resin system

wrkshp_photo_bar (2)Imagineering  Plastics Workshops: Come spend a day with our Product Development Engineers at one of our Imagineering Plastics Workshops.  

Very technical in nature , these workshops are typically attended by Engineers, Product Designers, Product Managers and Purchasing Agents. The workshops provide a highly educational experience on the hows and whys of our engineered compounds and how RTP Company works with you to solve your material selection problems.   If you are on our mailing list you will get an invitation when there is an event in your area. 

Download the flyer from a previous workshop for more information.

Webinars: Looking for in depth review of technology on a particular subject?  RTP Company webinars are available live (notices posted on site as they are available) and are recorded for later viewing. Visit the webinars page for a complete listing of recorded webinars that you can view at any time.

If you are interested in a live training webinar by one of our Product Development Engineers please contact your Sales Engineer for details. Live webinars are available in person or via the internet utilizing Go To Meeting or Go To Webinar depending on the size of your audience and number of locations that will attend.

White Papers: Very technical in nature, the RTP Company White Papers are a good source of information for engineers, product designers and engineering students.

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