Contract Manufactured Private-Label Thermoplastic Compounds
from RTP Company

Our Contract Manufacturing division produces compounds and masterbatches on behalf of your operation,  giving you the ability to offer compounds branded with your own label.

Not only can you take advantage of our manufacturing experience with custom thermoplastics, we can also utilize our process expertise to meet requirements; alternatively, you can provide the formulation and process specifications, and we will implement accordingly.

Tap into our global network of facilities, years of experience with hundreds of resin and additive combinations, and dedication to quality, confidential, top-notch service to expand your product line to include compounds, masterbatches, and other unique products!

Our Contract Manufacturing services can help you:

  • Increase manufacturing capacity without incurring expansion costs
  • Meet ever-shrinking lead time demands
  • Produce and manage rationalized products
  • Enhance your product offering with specialty compounds
  • Research new resin and additive combinations
  • Process your exact formulation or develop custom compounds

Full-Service Compounding

Our Contract Manufacturing services let you quickly expand your capacity and add diversity to your product line without increasing your overhead.

RTP Company’s comprehensive capabilities include:

  • Globally positioned production facilities with over one million square feet of manufacturing space
  • Plants located for efficient shipping and local on-site meetings
  • Headquarters in Winona, Minnesota with additional facilities located throughout the world
  • ISO 9001:2015 registered facilities
  • Uniform manufacturing equipment and QA capabilities at all facilities
  • 100+ extruders to process virtually all resins for large and small volumes
    • Twin Screw Extruders
    • Single Screw Extruders of varying sizes
    • Other specialized processing equipment for unique processes
  • Long, short, and mid-range fiber capacity
  • Down-stream feed addition available
  • Liquid injection capability
  • Postblending
  • Flexible packaging options
  • Process Development staff
  • Controlled environment processing

Value-Added Services

When you partner with RTP Company for your compound production needs, you get much more than consistent, high-quality compounds from the experts in manufacturing.

Our many extras include:

  • Full breadth of Twin Screw and other extruders
  • Complete quality control program with agreed-upon testing performed on every shipment
  • Ability to produce quantities from bags and gaylords to bulk truck and railcar
  • Quick turnaround