For finished goods, frequently the UL Recognition of component materials can eliminate the need for some tests on the final product. This can significantly reduce both your cost and the time required for evaluation.

RTP Company offers support in material selection, design optimization, and plastic processing that can aid you in obtaining product certification from Underwriters Laboratories. Additionally, as a participant in UL’s Client Test Data Program we can expedite UL Recognition and issuance of “yellow cards” for our custom compounds.

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UL94 Testing Methods and Flammability Ratings

  • Requirements for HB

  • Requirements for V-0

  • Requirements for V-1

  • Requirements for V-2

  • Requirements for 5VA

  • Requirements for 5VB

  • UL94 Criteria Summary

Yellow Cards

“Yellow card” documentation for RTP Company compounds that are UL Recognized are available through the UL iQ™ for Plastics online certifications directory or through the UL IDES Prospector materials database.

UL File Number

RTP Company compounds are listed under the “Plastics – Component” section of Underwriters Laboratories’ Recognized Component Directory (QMFZ2), our file number is E84658.

RTP Company has the ability to precolor select grades of resin from major polymer manufacturers and maintain their UL Recognition. This is covered under the “Plastics Proprietary” section of Underwriters Laboratories’ Recognized Component Directory (QMTR2), using file number E147133N.