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High VolumeRTP Company provides high volume services to meet even your most challenging thermoplastic specifications in very large quantities. With production capacity of 550 million pounds per year and timely, cost-effective distribution, there’s no project too big for us to handle. And wherever you are located, we are well equipped to serve you with consistent thermoplastic materials . 

Name the resin or additive and formulation, and we’ll apply it exactly as you intend!
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At RTP Company, our high volume services represent more than just a manufacturing venue… we’re focused on providing you with confidential services, efficient operations, and timely, large-scale delivery. In fact, we can produce your formulation in almost any resin, additive, and color combination, offering the widest range of high volume thermoplastic compounds available on the market. If you need help with formulation, we can provide that service, as well.

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