At RTP Company, we solve design challenges for customers in a multitude of markets. Our engineers use an in-depth knowledge of plastics to imagineer formulas ideally matched for end-use requirements in thousands of applications every year.

We combine our advanced plastic technologies with our global manufacturing capability and unbiased material specification. Your custom compound will have the exact properties necessary for you to compete in your dynamic market.


RTP Company offers a complete portfolio of thermoplastic materials for the automotive industry. We’ve successfully helped automotive manufactures reduce vehicle weight, lower vehicle emissions, and increase safety.

Electrical & Electronics

In the ever-changing electronics market, designers need development partners to address new design challenges as they arise.  The RTP Company can be that design partner.


Engineered thermoplastic compounds from RTP Company address the energy markets’ need for better reliability, improved performance, and increased design flexibility.


Drug delivery devices, surgical tools, in-vitro diagnostics, orthopedics and other healthcare segments benefit immensely from the use of proven medical grade plastic compounds that help create safe and effective medical devices.


RTP Company has extensive resources for use by industrial product manufacturers to rapidly develop reliable, innovative, and cost effective products that will separate your products from the competition and provide access to markets with demanding requirements.