Our Structural Products are thermoplastic materials that provide a specific combination of physical, mechanical, visual, and protective properties. Our Product Development Engineers carefully balance these properties when formulating a thermoplastic solution, first by selecting a proper resin system to meet the physical requirements, and then tailoring the additive technologies to achieve the necessary mechanical, visual, and protective characteristics.

We can make a recommendation from our extensive database of active, commercially available materials or formulate a custom thermoplastic compound to fit your application needs precisely.

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Impact Modified (IM) Compounds from RTP Company provide increased impact resistance at all temperatures when compared to unfilled compounds. This technology can also be used in tandem with other structural fillers to increase ductility in compounds that also need to retain their strength and stiffness.

Some advantages of IM Compounds are:

  • Improved impact resistance
  • Improved ductility
  • Increased low temperature impact performance

Our IM Compounds are used in a large array of markets including sporting goods, industrial, outdoor recreation vehicles, automotive, consumer goods, and electronics.

Our Mineral Filled (MF) Compounds use minerals such as calcium carbonate, talc, and mica to provide a low cost filler option when price sensitivity is important to the end application success.  Our MF Compounds offer improvements over unfilled resins in properties such as:

  • Dimensional stability
  • Stiffness
  • Cost effectiveness

Mineral Filled Compounds may be used in high volume, low cost applications such as appliances, automotive, and packaging. Conversely, they may be used to reduce costs of more expensive polymers.