Structural & Reinforced Plastic Compounds

Our Structural Products are thermoplastic materials that provide a specific combination of physical, mechanical, visual, and protective properties. Our Product Development Engineers carefully balance these properties when formulating a thermoplastic solution, first by selecting a proper resin system to meet the physical requirements, and then tailoring the additive technologies to achieve the necessary mechanical, visual, and protective characteristics.


 Physical      Mechanical        Visual        Protective
• Chemical Resistance 
• Heat Profile 
• Warp Reduction 
• Flow Profile 
• Density
• Strength 
• Stiffness
• Toughness – Impact       Strength
• Color 
• Surface                         Appearance 
• Scratch & Mar             Resistance  
• UV Protection 
• Regulatory                     Compliance 
• Heat Stability 
• Hydrolytic Stability

Whether making a recommendation from our extensive database of active, commercially available materials or formulating a custom thermoplastic compound, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements and present a Structural Product that will work for you.

Impact Modified
Impact Modified

Improved ductility at room and low

Mineral Fillers
Mineral Fillers

Increased stiffness and improved dimensional stability

Short Glass Fiber
Short Glass Fiber

Balanced increase of most physical performance characteristics

Light and Tough
Light and Tough

Designed for weight savings without sacrificing short glass fiber performance

eXtra Performance
eXtra Performance

High performance short glass fiber
reinforced polypropylene compounds

Very Long Fiber
Very Long Fiber

Very best performance available using
glass reinforcement

Carbon Fiber
Carbon Fiber

Lightweight with extremely high load
bearing capability


Lightest and best performance available
in carbon fiber reinforcement

Structural Effects (“FX”)
Structural Effects (“FX”)

TPOs, Nylon Alloys, and ASA Alloys designed
to be beautiful and deliver long term
performance outdoors

High Gravity
High Gravity

Filled with heavy additives to mimic beneficial
characteristics of metal

Low Gravity
Low Gravity

Filled with hollow glass spheres to significantly reduce specific gravity

Controlled Geometry Pellets (CGP)
Controlled Geometry

Remarkably small and specially shaped pellets for compression molding

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Additional technologies, including our Enlightened Solutions, Platable, Laser Direct Structuring, Electronic Encapsulation, Radiopaque, and Clay Nanocomposites are also available. For more information, please contact your local Sales Engineer.

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