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End-Use Case Study

  • Glass fiber filled nylon provides stiffness and impact strength
  • Stabilized to survive short-term heat exposure

Bar ClampSeeing a familiar item, such as a woodworker’s clamp evolve from a rudimentary workshop tool to an easy-to-use high strength instrument for a wide variety of jobs is no surprise to engineers in the plastics industry. RTP Company engineers and designers know the capabilities of increasingly sophisticated and varied neat, alloyed, and compounded resins.

The Quick-Grip® bar clamp from American Tool Companies, Inc. is so fast, simple and strong that it eases the task of any woodworker, shop mechanic or anyone who needs to bring things together. RTP Company supplies the specialty compound for the jaws, handle and trigger that helps make this tool extremely useful and fun.

An RTP Company glass fiber reinforced nylon provides the strength needed for such a clamping device. The custom formulation includes flow enhancers to reduce molded-in stress and heat stabilizers for short-term exposure to heat. The specialized nylon provides enhanced surface appearance and higher impact resistance.