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BezelTektronix and RTP Company joined forces with PolyCast Inc. of Tigard, OR to develop a material for use in an Oscilloscope ring bezel.

The bezel, which houses indicator lights, controls and displays measures 16 in x 7 in x 1 in (min.). The size of the part places high demand on the material for dimensional stability. The part , which makes up a portion of the application’s housing, has critical color requirements. RTP Company colorists worked closely with Tektronix and PolyCast to develop and maintain strict color quality.

The oscilloscope is one of many test and measurement devices developed by Tektronix for commercial and scientific markets.

The bezel is made from a flame retardant specialty compound with excellent stiffness, dimensional stability and toughness. Colorability and processability are equally important aspects of the application.

The RTP 300 Series compound, a glass-reinforced polycarbonate, meets Tektronix strict performance standards. It exhibits a flexural modulus of 0.5 x 106 psi and a flexural strength of 15,000 psi. The material has an un-notched impact strength of 30 ft. lb./in at 1/8-in.

“We worked with everyone involved to ensure all criteria were met,” said Rick Thomas of PolyCast. “This is an excellent example of success through the teamwork of a material supplier, molder and OEM.”